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Leverage our skill sets to research, design, harden, and advance your Technology

Need your technology to be Robust? Hardened? Resilient? Transitioned? Certified? Field Tested? Penetration Tested? Virtualized? Agile? Standards Based? Accredited? Encrypted?

Our team has the certifications, skills, and abilities necessary to take your technology to the next level.

Our Services


Engineering advanced solutions designed to protect computers, networks, and information from threats.


Systematically servicing research laboratories to develop and field systems for experimentation and testing.

Field Testing

Taking your advanced technology solutions through its paces in its intended environment.

Demonstration Support

Showcasing and demonstrating your advanced technology to warfighters, stakeholders, and other customers.

Technology Transition

Preventing the death of technology on the vine, our team will take your advanced technology to the next step.

Ethical Hacking

systematically attempting to penetrate a computer system or network on behalf of its owners for the purpose of finding security vulnerabilities that a malicious hacker could potentially exploit.

Penetration Testing

Evaluating the security of an IT infrastructure by safely attempting to exploit system vulnerabilities, including the operating system (OS), service and application flaws, improper configurations, and even risky end-user behavior.

RMF / C&A Support

From categorization to monitoring, our team ensures successful life cycles of advanced technology by focusing on the details of the RMF and C&A guidance available.


Advanced quantum resistant cryptography paired with detailed capability packages, our team can implement secure remote access solutions using a variety of solutions.

Research Research

About KMS

Founded in 2007, Key Management Solutions, LLC (KMS) is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) that provides Information System Security Engineering (ISSE), Department of Defense (DoD) and Federal Certification & Accreditation (C&A), Research, Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E), and Rapid Technology Transition services with an emphasis on supporting the development and transition of NSA Suite B-enabled Commercial Solution for Classified (CSfC), Secure Cloud, Cross Domain Access (CDA) and/or Quantum Computer Resistant Algorithm-enabled Prototype and Instantiation efforts. KMS is headquartered in Colorado Springs, Colorado and provides world-wide support for our DoD, Federal, commercial, and Inter-Agency customers and efforts from our locations in Colorado Springs, San Diego, Tampa, Charleston, and the Washington, DC / Baltimore. View More

Advancing Advanced Technology

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